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Zev: Key Features & Alternatives

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Zev is an AI-powered assistant that integrates with popular instant messaging applications such as Telegram, LINE, and Viber, providing users with access to ChatGPT, one of the latest and most advanced AI assistants available.

Zev can answer queries, provide personalized recommendations, help with translations, and more. Users can also leverage the tool’s persona feature, which allows them to switch between various personalities, such as Chef, Travel Planner, or Social Media Manager, each with its unique style of speech, to engage in more personalized conversations.

Zev also stores conversation history for a few hours, allowing users to pick up from where they left off. The tool supports group conversations on Telegram, where up to 50 members can participate simultaneously.

Zev is available for a free trial, with a monthly subscription fee of $10 after the introductory period. Overall, Zev is a powerful AI chatbot assistant that provides users with a convenient and intuitive way of accessing advanced AI capabilities right from their favorite messaging app.

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