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ProudP: Key Features & Alternatives

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  • A mobile app for men’s prostate and urinary health is called ProudP. With a clinical accuracy of 98%, it is an FDA Class II medical device that follows and analyses urine flow to extract important markers of prostate and bladder wellbeing.
  • The app measures fundamental uroflow metrics, which urologists use to form a preliminary evaluation of the prostate and urinary system. These metrics include urine volume, flow rate, and voiding time.
  • The four major data the app captures and extracts—voiding volume, maximum flow rate, average flow rate, and voiding time—serve as a preliminary gauge of prostate and bladder health.
  • The research’ findings show that in actual bathroom settings, the proudP app has accuracy rates of 98% for maximum flow rate and 97% for void volume.
  • It is also HIPAA compliant and supported by urologists. The app is simple to use and offers clinically useful data to support tracking of men’s prostate and urinary health.

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