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ChatGPT4 is an AI chatbot app available on Google Play that is powered by the latest OpenAI models. The app offers a variety of assistants to choose from, including Developer, Teacher, Comedian, and Friend, each with the ability to assist users in different areas.

With Lychee, the ultimate AI chatbot, users can get help with anything from crafting the perfect cover letter to writing jokes. The app boasts upcoming features like custom assistants, expanding the possibilities for users who are looking for AI-powered assistance.

The app developer has provided information on data privacy and security practices, assuring users that no data is collected or shared with third parties.

The user interface of the application includes a “Flag as inappropriate” option in case of any concerns, and users can contact the developer through email provided on the app listing if needed.

The app is rated PEGI 3, making it suitable for all age groups. Overall, ChatGPT4 is a promising AI chatbot app that provides assistance in various domains and adds value to the user’s productivity.

It features no ads, which may be of particular interest to users looking for a distraction-free user experience. The app’s informative user interface and transparency on data privacy and security practices further ensure a safe and reliable user experience.

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