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CollovGPT is an AI interior design tool that helps users create unique custom designs for their living spaces. One simply needs to upload a photo of their space and select the room type and style they prefer.

CollovGPT will then generate a high-quality rendering of the room in the chosen style, providing a realistic visual representation of how the space could be redesigned.

The tool offers several predefined styles such as Bohemian, Coastal, Farmhouse, Eclectic, Scandinavian, Modern, Transitional, and Mid-century to choose from.Apart from providing high-quality renders, CollovGPT is also equipped with a real-time rendering capability that allows users to experience the room in different lighting and color schemes.

The tool is relatively easy to use, and users can sign up for a free account to get started.Though the free version of the tool has limited features, users can refer a friend for more renderings.

It’s worth noting that CollovGPT might use any images uploaded through their tool for commercial and promotional purposes, and they will be made public.Overall, CollovGPT serves as an efficient AI-powered application for users looking to redesign their living spaces.

With a straightforward interface, predefined styles, and realistic rendering capabilities, the tool provides an avenue for creating unique custom designs in a matter of minutes.

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