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Twinfinder is an artificial intelligence (AI) service that allows users to upload their photo and identify celebrity lookalikes from a database of thousands of famous people from across the world…

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The TechScrunch website publishes news and information about startups, venture capital, security, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, apps, and events. The site is divided into categories, and visitors can access news in…

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"WatchNow AI is a chat-based artificial intelligence tool that recommends movies and TV shows from popular streaming services like Netflix, Prime, and HBO." It makes customised recommendations based on user…

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MCQGPT is a daily game powered by AI that asks participants multiple choice questions (MCQs) on a variety of themes. To produce questions and answers, the tool use natural language…

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Zev is an AI chatbot that may be found on Telegram, Line, and Viber. It can help with answering inquiries and making recommendations on a variety of issues, as well…

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